East Berlin bike ride: Friedrichshain to Müggelsee

Biking along the East Side Gallery

Birds are chirping, sun is shining. Aromas of flowers, barbecue and spilled beer fill the air around you: yes, spring is well on its way! You’re looking forward to your weekly trek from your apartment to your local park and can’t wait for all the fun stuff that comes with longer days and warmer weather. We too! Here at Settleme, we think there’s no better way to spend a sunny day than riding our faithful old bicycles to undiscovered parts of town.

Our favorite cafes in Kreuzberg and Neukölln

You just settled in Berlin and feel it: You have to head outside, discover the city and find your new favorite places. Of course among nightclubs and bookstores you also need a great place to meet friends, get some work done, read a book or simply satisfy your caffeine addiction - What else would be better than the good old neighborhood cafes?

How to make sense of Berlin’s massive techno scene?

Yes, finally! You’re moving to Berlin and can’t wait for your first weekend out. So how do you make sense of this bewildering offer and make sure you end up in the perfect party? Berlin has an incredible number of clubs and event spaces and lots of them play techno. But even if you’re an open minded techno fan, on some nights you’ll...

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