Friedrichshain to Müggelsee

Sara’s route: 18km, 1h30 without stops

Friedrichshain to Müggelsee

Birds are chirping, sun is shining. Aromas of flowers, barbecue and spilled beer fill the air around you: yes, spring is well on its way! You’re looking forward to your weekly trek from your apartment to your local park and can’t wait for all the fun stuff that comes with longer days and warmer weather. We too! Here at Settleme, we think there’s no better way to spend a sunny day than riding our faithful old bicycles to undiscovered parts of town. So let us share with you a trip we recently took to Müggelsee with a few pit stops along the way to keep you fresh and hydrated. Enjoy the ride, and stay safe!


We started our ride in Friedrichshain and if you haven’t checked out the East Side Gallery already, this is a good place to start. Lock your bike at the corner of Warschauer Str. because the Wall can get quite busy and you’ll want to have your hands free to snap some pics for sure!

Hop on your bike and go up Warschauer Straße. Turning right onto Revaler Str. you’ll pass by the RAW Gelände, an old train yard converted into a cultural center with a few clubs, bars, a skatepark and a bouldering hall. The area has a very berliny feel, industrial and decrepit, great for taking pictures. There are events happening almost every day during summer, everything from food festivals to flea markets, which make the area very lively and perfect for a drink and meeting people.

Assuming you haven’t stuffed yourself in the RAW and you’re in the mood for a little bite, head to Boxhagener Platz just a few streets away. Here are some options depending on your appetite and preferences:

  • Lemongrass: delicious, cheap and quick Thai food
  • Hot-Dog Soup: really good soups, just in case it’s a chilly day
  • Burgeramt: a Boxi classic, for when you need a good ol’ burger
  • Il Ritrovo: mouth-watering pizza served by Italians
  • Bonus: Check out Hops & Barley for a good beer before really starting the ride

  • Oh, and there is a flea market all around Boxhagener Platz every Sunday!


    Rummelsburger Bucht

    Ok, it’s now time to get to some serious biking. Leave Friedrichshain behind you and head towards Rummelsburg. Take the path along the Spree to feel the nature and calmness around you. You’ll eventually arrive to the Aussichtspunkt Gisèle-Freund-Hain (lookout platform). Use the binoculars to observe the Rummelsburger See, its wildlife and even the top of Spreepark’s ferris wheel on the south shore.

    Continue your trip into Oberschöneweide and cross the Spree to the south shore, it’s ice cream time! Eiskultur is one of Berlin’s most delicious ice cream parlors and won’t fail to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Head back to the north shore, through Elsengrund and you’ll make it to Friedrichshagen. Hope you didn’t forget your towel! Go down to the beach for a swim in the Müggelsee and a good tanning session. Geil! Just in case the effort left you craving some food, head over to Kid Creole for tasty island and seafood. It’s often fully booked so you’ll have to be lucky to get seated directly, but it’s worth the little trip from the beach.

    Well, then, that’s it for this bike adventure -except that you need to ride back… If you’re too tired for that, take the S3 at the Friedrichshagen station, which will take you to central Berlin in no time… But if you still have energy here are three suggestions to extend your trip on the way back:

    • Sisyphos: as we mentioned in another one of our posts, Sisyphos is one of the most popular clubs in Berlin and is a particularly good hangout spot for warm sunny afternoons. So why not stop and dance for a little (or long) while, get a drink, take your shoes off, chill on the Strand, enjoy the music, make friends, and then get back to biking.
    • Funkhaus: a massive complex which hosts concerts and various events, some of which are really good. Check out their program and maybe make a little detour there, you might really enjoy it!
    • Ostbloc: if you’re of the sporty type and that bike ride was not enough, today is your lucky day! Ostbloc is one of Berlin’s best climbing halls, with a relatively large area, really fun routes, good music and good vibes.

    Oh, and just in case you get a flat tire or your bike breaks down on the way, check out these bike shops:

    Happy riding!