It's not about you.
It's all about your crew.


When moving to a new city it's simply not easy to find or start a crew. We believe everybody should have a quick way to find a crew, build meaningful relationships and enjoy the city together.

Start a crew.

What do you want to start a crew for? Describe in a few words what kind of people you are looking for.

Get joined by like-minded people.

Your crew is a small circle of people that you really care about, that's why new members join you first for a one week trial.

We keep it small, you keep control.

Be in control of who joins your crew for the long term. Every connection should matter, that's why after 1 week you vote if you want to stay connected or not.

Have a growing crew in your city.

You are now one of our beloved crews! Check out events for your crew in your city!

Why start your crew?

We suggest you events/places around your interests.

We care about our crews meeting in real life. That's why we will suggest you things to do around your interests.

We enable you to connect to new people.

It's fun to have new people join your crew. You decide how many new people you would like to be connected with your crew weekly.

Check out other crews.

It's interesting to see what other crews in your city are up to! Maybe you will find a crew around an interest you haven't thought about!

Show your love for the city.

Through Settleme your crew can show to other crews what you are about. Show us what you are up to in this vibrant city!

Ready to get started?